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School Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way for school students to have fun and learn while doing it.

If you want any help conducting a quiz in your school, we will help you with it. We will gladly come and conduct the quiz for you.

Don’t worry – we just want love and samosas from you for the same.

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College Quizzes

Quizzes are, and should be, a part of any fest. In the past, we our team has conducted quizzes in IITs, IIMs, XLRI, etc.

If you hire us we would provide you with a complete end to end solution for the quiz – including promotion and publicity.

We would charge 5000 Rs. for the same.

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Corporate Quizzes

How many times are you going to take your team out for a lunch?

If you hire us to do a knowledge based event, it would be a great way to engage your employees.

Our fees for the event would be Rs. 10000

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Open Quizzes

It has been a dream of our team to organize an open quizzing event in Jaipur but that is not possible with our current resources.

You can donate to make this dream a reality.

About Us

A bunch of trivia lovers gathered together and made this happen
We hope that some day you will join us

In the decade marred by economic downturn, the bankers were discovering the fault lines in the system whereas a few trivia lovers were discovering their passion for beer and quizzing.
In an old blue house on Tonk Phatak, they started gathering every month and sometimes even twice a month to ask questions, spread knowledge, and most importantly - eat potato wafers.
The wafers are gone. The blue house on Tonk Phatak is no longer the adda. Even the beer is missing. But the trivia lovers exist and still meet from time to time.

Our Team

Cogs in the wheel that keep it turning

Praveen Mishra

His passion keeps the club alive.

Avinash Maurya

Being the rich guy in the team, he handles all finances related to the club.

Shakti Singh Kavia

Unlike other MBA grads, he found time to pursue his hobbies as well – and set up a trend to follow.
After his graduation from R A Podar institute, he has been associated with banks like ICICI. He currently works as Sales Manager at Taj Hotels

Ravi Handa

His association with the Jaipur Quiz Club dates back to 2010 when the quiz club began during a party cum quizzing session on the roof of his house.
An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, he is an entrepreneur in the education sector. He runs the education portal Handa Ka Funda

Past Quizzes and Updates

Check out some of our past quizzes and get information about the upcoming events.