Questions – Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014 (Jaipur)

Here are the questions that were witnessed by more than 100 teams in Jaipur at this years Tata Crucible Campus Quiz. We felt the standard of questions in prelims was better compared to last few years. The connection round in the finals had some nice questions too. The nail biting finish to the quiz made the event even more exciting for the audience.


1. ‘Hollywood is here’ is now ‘Stay Away’ – which channel are we talking about?
2. ‘Safedi ke aage ______’ – which brand?
3. What did Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver invent?
4. Identify.

5. Which brand of cigarettes got a boom in its sells because of the American TV Series Mad Men?
6. Which company now a giant in its video gaming did Mr. Yamauchi started as a playing card?
7. Which group owns
8. If ‘H’ in HB pencils indicates thickness what does B indicate?
9. Which Bollywood celebrity endorses the Unlock campaign by National Geographic Channel?
10. Mike Ullman …
11. Identify

12. Inspired by whom did South Korea design its police uniform?

13. Why did Aikya Global got into a legal issue with a retail giant?
14. Which service provider has the tagline ‘Fly or Die’. People use its services to illegally download TV Series.
15. Steve Versano is the founder of The Jet Business. Whats special about the idea?
16. Identify.

17. Decks is started by which retail giant?
18. What does Mysore Paints & Varnishes make?
19. ‘Key lime Pie’ was the proposed names of this. What?
20. Identify

Finals to follow soon.

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